Sunday, October 11, 2009

Flame Test Procedure

10mL graduated cylinder
wire loop
laboratory burner
glass marking pencil
test tube rack
And the elements:
Na+(sodium), K+(potassium), Li+(lithium), Ca2+(calcium), Ba2+ (barium), and Cu2+ (copper)

1. A)Measure about 5mL of tap water into a graduated cylinder.
B)Pour the water into a test tube.
C)Mark the test tube to indicate the water level.
D)Empty the water from the test tube, leaving the marked area there.
E)Mark 6 test tubes at the same spot, place 5 of the test tubes in a test tube rack.

2. A)Place about 5mL of Na+, K+, Li+, Ca2+, Ba2+, and Cu2+.
B)Mark the test tube with the metallic ion it contains.

3. A)Pour 10mL of concentrated hydrocholoric acid into a beaker.
B)Dip the wire loop in the acid to clean it.
C)Heat the wire loop in the outer edge of the bunsen burners flame, keep doing that till no color is in the flame.

4. A)Dip the clean wire loop into one of nitrate solutions.
B)Move the loop up and down in the outer edge of the flame.Record the color of the flame shown.

5. A)Clean the wire loop in the hydrochloric acid.
B)Repeat step 4 making sure you use all the solutions independently.